Hello & Welcome! My First Blog Post

So, here it is. I’ve finally started my blog. I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for a long time now, but haven’t before taken the plunge. I often overthink things to the point of talking myself out of it completely, a flaw of mine. So anyway, I have such a passion for writing and I feel like I have a lot to say, so this could be an ideal platform for me to express myself. Who knows, I may inspire someone…or potentially just really piss people off. Sometimes people laugh or enjoy what I say, other times people just find me obscenely offensive. There really is no in between. 

My aim with this blog is to not necessarily have a specific niche, but rather discuss anything and everything in the Life of Hols. I like to experience new things and go to places I’ve never visited before so that is likely to be the basis for my blogs. I absolutely love learning and as I go through life I aspire to learn as much as I can from the people I meet and the experiences I have. I would like to share things which I feel may be beneficial to others who may be in or end up in similar situations to what I have been in.

Last year I graduated with a master’s degree and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. If it was financially possible I would continue to do degree after degree. I had an ambition to work in digital marketing as I found this seems to be the area I excel in at the moment. I had so much self doubt and put at least 50 job applications forward and had many interviews and continuously got knocked back. However, earlier this year, I landed my first digital marketing job. I still doubt myself so much and I am very hard on myself but I suppose when I see these things written down, I haven’t done too bad so far.  

Before ‘Lockdown’ began, I had many holidays planned for 2020, probably too many. I was going to use that as an opportunity to start a blog and write about my experiences in these different places. I still plan to do this however unfortunately my travel adventure blogs will have to be halted until 2021, or whenever the powers that be allow us to restore life as we once knew it. When I do begin blogging about places I visit I intend on giving some honest reviews. It’s all quite uncertain at the moment as to what my blog will specifically be about, but I am ready to start the journey and find out. I think this strongly reflects where I am at in my life at present. I think being twenty-something is a very unsettling, but brilliant time of life. Who knows what’s round the corner? It’s intriguing, yet terrifying. 


  1. kazzzab says:

    Looking forward to your adventures Hollie. Keep us posted!


  2. kazzzab says:

    Looking forward to reading about your adventures Hollie. Keep us posted!

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    1. lifeofhols says:

      Thanks Mam 🙂


  3. Bryce says:

    Congrats on taking the first step, Hols! I recently started a new website/blog (in a completely different niche than yourself) also and it was pretty intimidating at first, but it really has been so much fun. I think learning and hearing of foreign places via your posts would be very interesting and seems to be a good plan for you. Good luck!

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    1. lifeofhols says:

      Hi Bryce, thanks for taking the time to read my first blog post! I’m glad you enjoyed it, I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of my blog. I just had a look at your blog too, it seems very interesting!


  4. yo you are from which country? i am from india nice blog


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